AoNeng Power focuses on Nanjing Green Logistics Festival


    In order to further promote the development of green logistics and accelerate the adoption of new energy logistics vehicles, the “2018 First China Green Logistics Festival” hosted by the National New Energy Vehicle Operation Industry Alliance and China Electric Vehicle Network.  It was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province from April 22 to 24, 2018. The conference featured related enterprises from the green logistics industry chain, new energy vehicle companies, new energy vehicle operators, major logistics companies, automobile charging and other industrial chain supporting enterprises. More than 600 industry players converge on the conference and envisioned the future of green logistics.

    As a board member of the National New Energy Vehicle Operation Industry Alliance governing, AoNeng Power was invited to attend this green logistics festival.  Focusing on the new energy logistics vehicle industry and actively participating in the development of green logistics is the unshiftable responsibility of AoNeng Power.  It is the high hope of AoNeng Power to provide high-quality charging solutions for logistics new energy vehicles, and work with customers to build green logistics!

    In response to the operating characteristics of logistics vehicle: fixed path, large traffic volume, pre-planned travel mileage, parking time, and locations, Mr. Shen Haoyang, marketing director of the Ao Neng Power, gave a speech at the conference on April 24th.  He focused on the operation characteristics of the new energy logistics vehicle, how to solve the charging problem of the new energy logistics vehicle, shared with the participants how to build a charging station from grounds up, ranging from "site survey, charging facilities and application scenarios, site program customization, field layout and optimization of the station, the control of the construction process, and until the completion of construction of the charging station.

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